Exhibition // Le Marché

18 December 2014

Encode team is glad to invite you to the launch of its new collection // PARALLEL //, to be held at Le Marché XXXV from 18th to 21st of December 2014 at “Cairo International Conferences Center” (CICC), in collaboration with NOFA EGYPT factory, booth T26.

The // PARALLEL/collection includes tables, stools, benches, wooden floors, partitions, and wall panels in a dynamic dialogue between natural wood and cutting edge technologies toward elegant and unique designs.
The exhibition space entitled ‘Breaking Symmetry’ is designed by Encode where we introduce new designs and display strategies that reconsider the conventional logic of symmetrical spaces toward dynamic and unpredictable scenes to stimulate the viewer's eye to reveal the hidden order.
These designs are embedded within a ‘White’ mood that readdresses ‘white’ not as a mere color but rather as a medium to investigate the sensitivity and aesthetics of the concept of ‘White’.

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