Computational Design





We are always in search of new concepts, ideas, and approaches to push forward our design process on different scales. Our team has participated in academic, organizational, and professional collaborations with specialists in the digital and fabrication industry.


We use the potentials of coding to create mathematical spaces and design systems inspired by nature. One folded space unfolds to spawn millions of complex, detailed, yet surprising patterns.

Computational Design

Computation lies in the heart of our design process. Creating complex designs with better performance at a reasonable cost is the aim of our team.


In today's world, Machine-Learning and Big Data are important factors in nowadays informational spaces. At ENCODE, we inhabit them, and all of the answers are in these informational spaces, only good questions are needed. Save your time and join us today to be 1000x faster.

Materials Exploration

Our exploratory design workshops focus on learning through making with the latest digital design and fabrication techniques exploring new materials behavior.

Prototyping & Digital Fabrication

ENCODE expertise lies in transforming abstract design ideas into concrete prototypes through their knowledge in computational design and fabrication shifting scales between study models and 1:1 scale fabrication prototypes. We transform our intricate designs to reality with precision and speed, thanks to our experience in fabrication which undertakes a unique strategy based on cutting edge technologies. ENCODE is well connected to the design market, business, and manufacturers on both local and international levels.

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