Sequoia 2016 _A feast for the eye

A Golden diamond, geometric, elegant, shinning, glittery, artistic, emerald, neo-classical theme that celebrates the event inspired of the Art Deco motifs embraces sequoia as the hub for this feast. The theme serves to illustrate various decorative features and local expressions of Art Deco style where Golden diamonds shape Mirrors, sequins, lights and materials are introduced in a unique theme that stimulates the eye to reveal the recursive rules in the vintage surrounding. “Brilliant” is the corner stone of this retro collection, and consequently, dynamic, reflective materials which manipulate the organization of every element in the space, from the glittering entrance to the glowing pendant lightings, central column, and from the wall to the Art-deco pattered fabrics in a homogenous blend of materials and colours that celebrates the sleek sophistication of Egypt’s belle époque to celebrate food in a joyful and inspirational atmosphere. The idea behind using reflective materials is to glow the space creating a shiny node that overlooks the beautiful view of the Nile, visitor movements, surrounding lights and shadows creating a vibrant dynamic space.