Sequoia 2015_ Exotic Nature

ENCODE introduces the ‘Exotic Nature’ theme at Sequoia restaurant in Zamalek, Cairo. The theme revisits natural forms and rules of organization in a homogenous blend of materials and colours.

“We were raised far of the rural and natural landscape, within urban spaces and the machinic life in cities. In the machine, we live in recursive cycles, stuck to screens, where we miss the act of ‘observing’, our surrounding, ourselves, and our nature. Every year, Ramadan comes to break this cycle, enabling a moment of a step back, of a laid back, to observe, and to revisit what we missed. This year at Sequoia, ‘Exotic Nature’, simply reconsider the ‘Nature’ we are missing. Plants, animals, insects, crystals, lights and materials are introduced in a unique theme that stimulates the eye to reveal the recursive rules in the exotic surroundings. “Reflection” is the corner stone of this natural collection, and consequently, symmetry, mirror and kaleidoscope which manipulate the organization of every element in the space, from the entrance to the pendant lightings, and from the wall to the printed fabrics in a homogenous blend of materials and colours.