SAP Office. NewCairo 
In collaboration with JLL

The light runs the entire space celebrating the goal of SAP: The best-run businesses make the world run better. Our main actors inside the SAP office are running light, crisp materials, and specifically selected furniture for SAP. They are performing together in a homogenous way. Once you enter the external space, you will have an intuitive feeling of SAP running live and simple. We used the energy of light and its properties: shape, intensity, and size to guide the users inside the space in both static and dynamic sequences. This symbolizes the continuous motion and constant innovation of SAP.

We provided SAP employees with a variety of both independent and open workplaces while keeping acoustic treatments in mind. On one hand, we designed independent workspaces in a way that enhances privacy, acoustic independence, and concentration for the employees. On the other hand, we wanted our design of collaborative spaces to enhance brainstorming, engagement, and design thinking. Other spaces like the auditorium and meeting areas needed a flexible design to allow sharing information, discussions, and making presentations during events.