SALONE SATELLITE. 20  years of New Creativity April 2017 

Encode was invited in April 2017 TO take part in the grand 20 YEARS SALONESATELLITE celebration and exhibition in Milano. We were selected to be one of the best 500 design pieces presented in SaloneSatellite, among the 20.000 shown during the last 20 years of its existence.

All pieces will form the SaloneSatellite 20 Year Collection, which will be displayed in Pavilions 22-24 of the SaloneSatellite from 4th to 9th April. The birthday festivities will continue in the city proper at the Fabbrica del Vapore from the 4th to 29th of April, where a major exhibition, curated by Beppe Finessi and entitled by SALONE SATELLITE. 20 Years of

New Creativity, will present an anthology of pieces from the Satellite’s history that have gone into production.

“Looking back on the 20 years of the SaloneSatellite”, says Finessi, “means encountering many of the key figures in the design of today, whose careers were launched and developed thanks to the SaloneSatellite. And who found here their first opportunity to listen, and to be heard. It’s exciting to see the quality of their work again, but most impressive is their numbers: more than 100 designers who have established themselves and are now recognized for their creativity, personality and originality. So, reading the list of participants from these 20 years is like browsing an encyclopedia of the history of creativity in the third millennium.”


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