Morphogenetic Patterns 2012

Generative Patterns is an introductory workshop to Grasshopper as a parametric modeling software exploring parametric principles and modern patterns. The workshop introduces the participants to the hidden world of patterns, understanding ornamental styles of the past, to recreate traditional designs, and to innovate with new interpretations of old styles and with innovative styles all together thanks to the power of new mathematical tools that let us peer into the past and analyze historical sources of the ornament with unprecedented clarity, in addition, enabled us to describe a modern conception of geometry with more precision of what designers of the past could only hint at. New algorithmic tools empowered us to perform calculations that were intractable in previous generations. Finally, depending on technological manufacturing tools; machines that can turn digital models provided by a computer into a real-world artifact. Standing at the merger of a generative computational design approach, parametric design and digital fabrication are two faces of the same medal. taken together, these sets of tools provide new opportunities for the application of computers to the analysis and creation of new Islamic visions for patterns logic of natural systems, ENCODE is well connected to the design market, business, and manufacturers on both local and international levels.