Honeywell HQ.CFC _New Cairo

In collaboration with UGEI & JLL

With advancements in technology, new annual goals and employee turnover, it’s safe to say the workplace is ever-changing. But even with all the changes that happen, one thing remains the same—you need an office that’s useful and enjoyable to employees. The Design presents authentic design solutions that signal an organization’s commitment to its core values creating a physical environment that tells the story of an organization in a way that resonates with not only its leadership and employees but also their clients. The design presented take root through a design vocabulary, expressive and creative visual branding focusing on sending a sharp and clear message of confidence and trust!
The design of the office space is a clean-cut, simple and aesthetically yet must appeal to be futuristic and dynamic as it needs to engage employees and make them efficient, all while supporting their different wants and needs. Your office design and the technology you use should also bring your employees together and help them perform at their best level. The design is motivated by the sense of “SEE-Through“ which enable the integration of the space through translucent and reflective materials. The reflections add a dynamic layer over the surfaces, but with perspective and shadows which extends the space over the surfaces and consequently deepen the surface. That is a part of the space identity where the Quartz floor reflects the surrounding. Based on this approach, the design idea considers a range of reflecting and translucent materials in a dynamic yet elegant mood.