Exterior Facade_Concrete

Interior Wall_Painted Wood White & Gold

Interior Wall_Cork


In today's world, we can do so much when viewing computers as abstract machines for exploration. We used the potentials of coding to create a digital space inspired by nature. One folded space unfolds to spawn millions of complex, detailed, yet surprising patterns inspired by nature. Taming of the infinite, we extracted a collection of 3D wall paneling system with variant patterns that we harmonically integrated them to tell a story about the unexpected magical beauty of nature. Our design process from exploration, prototyping, to final design has been rewarding. It simply spurred our imagination of what is yet to be explored.

Our standard collection consists of 18 motifs with an infinite range of bespoke pieces that create graceful features with modular panels offering new interesting interior and exterior moods surprising functional and remarkably beautiful. The cladding system comes in 3D modules that can be arranged in a standard and innovative organization to accommodate different areas and can be easily installed on-site.

EXPANSE Unit-Based wall panels target both residential and corporate consumers who like to explore interesting shapes yet at the same time seek a “modern” style made up of high quality, combined with a distinctive design of new geometry in a dynamic dialogue between different materials and cutting edge technologies toward elegant and unique designs.