CODE JAM - Computational Design Workshops - September 2014

In September 2014, Encode studio organized a series of computational design workshops entitled CODE JAM in pursue of its recent practice and research projects to explore new modes of design production through physical and digital methods of computation. The workshops investigated different strategies of informed design techniques through, material behavior, data flow from the physical environment, planar fabrication constraints for doubly curved surfaces, as well as, info-visualization techniques.

Participants were introduced to a set of digital tools including but not limited to Rhino, Grasshopper, Arduino, and Kinect.

Workshop 1/ 1-4 Sep. 2014
Hypars / Hyperbolic surface from structure to ornaments

//// Hypars workshop aimed to develop the computational design techniques of complex organizations of hyperbolic surfaces from the structural to the ornamental scale with respect to the planar fabrication methods.
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Workshop 2/ 8-10 Sep. 2014
INFOGRAPHICS / Visualizing the complex
//// The workshop investigated how computational tools can help in designing and controlling complex information to be easily understood'
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Workshop 3/ 14-18 Sep. 2014
Data flow / Behavioural data
//// Data Flow was an advanced computational design workshop that focuses on capturing, processing, and utilizing real-time data from the surrounding environment enabling the participants to develop informed design solutions that adapt to the environment. "
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Workshop 4/ 21-25 Sep. 2014
Sandworks.2 / behavioral forces
//// Sandworks workshop investigated the development of a computational design system for space organization informed by the sand self-formation behavior that follows the geometrical principles of developable and ruled surfaces "
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