Cardboard Secrets_L'institut Français D'Egypte A Alexandrie 2015

ENCODE STUDIO cordially invites you to the design exhibition “Cardboard Secrets ”, as a part of the event “Tous ensemble pour le Climat” (“All together for the Climate”) organized by the French Institute in Alexandria. During the opening, ENCODE STUDIO will present several previous projects that have been explored and tested via cardboard prototyping and production, by investigating various digital and physical computational tools for exploring the potential of digital design and fabrication techniques. Depending on the mathematical and material logic of natural systems, ENCODE STUDIO introduces various explorations and applications including prototyping of cardboard material which is being appreciated for its sustainable credentials as it is made up of recycled material. Cardboard offers a good opportunity for the design of sustainable products, like furniture and cladding systems, then allowing the creation of friendly and very interesting interiors by undertaking a unique strategy based on the cutting-edge technologies of CAD & CAM (Computer-Aided Design & Computer-Aided Manufacturing).


"Créativité de ENCODE Studio présenté à l'Institut français d'Alexandrie. l'expo presente leurs projets qui explore les capacités de la conception numérique et les techniques de fabrication en carton".