Parallel Collection_ Design system 

Parallel is a collection of indoor and outdoor furniture with a natural and comfortable mood, taking its inspiration from traditional shipbuilding in Alexandria with wooden frames. The collection is targeting both residential and corporate consumers who like simple shapes yet at the same time seek a “modern” style made up of high quality, combined with a distinctive design of pure lines including tables, stools, benches, wooden floors, partitions and wall panels in a dynamic dialogue between natural wood and cutting edge technologies toward elegant and unique designs.

The collection comes in two sets; the ‘Artwork’ set and the ‘functional’ set. While both lines share the elegance of integrating natural wood with cutting edge technologies, each set target specific modern spaces. More…

The ‘Artwork’ line includes the bench and the wall is inspired by dynamic natural forms, like river flux or blowing wind. While the table stools stand and the partition from the ‘functional’ set respond to everyday use and needs of modern spaces.  The distinct about this collection is that its items are homogenous but each is unique. Each product has its own strong identity yet its value increases even further when all the items live together.