ORNAMATICS Collection _ Design system 

Patterns have been always a distinctive part of our daily life products, whether it is ornamental or functional, it often embeds cultural and historical values. Islamic patterns evolved over centuries while branding our heritage not only as an art/craft object but also as a geometrical and mathematical innovation. The evolution of the legacy is fading due to the shortage of craftsmanship and also for the lack of development of its design. ENCODE challenges the reviving of the valuable legacy by exploring new pathways through experimentation in cutting edge design systems and production techniques. 

 ENCODE introduces a series of Islamic patterns that incorporate the traditional themes with contemporary and modern spirit, colours and materials, creating masterpieces of high expressive value and functionality. A complete collection of home furniture, characterized by geometric shapes of strong aesthetic effects aiming to stimulate the viewer eye to reveal the hidden order of the patterns and its shadows, and to encourage the collective emotional response that the act of meditation inspires. The pattern system is introduced through a wide range of scales and materials suitable for many applications.