ENCODE has been selected to be part of  the grand 20 YEARS SALONESATELLITE celebration and exhibition in Milano as one of the best 500 design pieces presented in SaloneSatellite, among the 20.000 shown during the last 20 years of its existence. All pieces will form the SaloneSatellite 20 Year Collection, which will be displayed in

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Cellular Structure Workshop

Evolutionary Cellular structure Workshop is experimentation on the growth of architectural geometry to produce an abstract and homogeneous generative structure system. It presents an algorithmic process where the initial generative rule is based on the growth of Cellular Automata (CA). Unfolding & Sectioning techniques will be used to fabricate varies prototypes. The workshop will provide

Branching Structure Workshop

Branching structure workshop is the second experimentation phase of Cellular Structure Workshops series that explores the growth of architectural geometry to produce abstract and homogeneous generative structure systems. It presents an algorithmic process where the initial generative rule is based on the growth of Cellular Automata (CA). Digital Fabrication techniques will be used for prototyping.

Installation by Encode Studio within the International Art Biennale of “Artist Book _ 2014 ” organized by Biblioteca of Alexandria THE CITY Cities are complex dynamic systems which identities evolve and mutate over time in response to the dynamic flow of surrounding and embedded forces. What if we consider the city as a vital evolving

Despite the advent of digital modelling and generation of curved surfaces, its fabrication methods are still a challenge especially on the level of complex surfaces and large scale assemblies. Mathematical surfaces in general and hyperbolic paraboloids (Hypars) in particular embed neverending opportunities for planar construction techniques. The ancient surface of Hypars is one of the

In September 2014, Encode studio is organizing a series of computational design workshops entitled CODE JAM in pursue of its recent practice and research projects to explore new modes of design production through physical and digital methods of computation. The workshops investigate different strategies of informed design techniques through, material behaviour, data flow from the

The workshop investigates how computational tools of Rhino, Grasshopper and Gephi can aid in designing and controlling complex information to be easily understood in addition to improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends and much more likely to be remembered in today’s fast – paced

Data capturing, analysis and processing are nowadays a dominant mode of information production and consumption that represent our physical world in numbers and complex networks. The advent of computational systems has not only helped in developing data production but also in transmitting data between different disciplines including architecture through fields of numbers/codes. Historically, numbers and